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This short video demonstrates the lube path within a divider block with a single bypass.

This video explores a new approach to divider block design. The advantages include the ability to change the distribution block pistons without having to disassemble the block. One piece construction reduces leaks. Worn pistons can be repladced in the field without the need to disassemble the block

Diesel engines are designed to use a different fuel than gasoline engines use. The wrong fuel in a diesel vehicle will destroy internal components when injected into a running diesel engine. The repair costs for this mistake can easily exceed several thousand dollars.

Do You Want to Build LED Light Sticks in Your Shop or On-Site?
Utilizing the Retro-LED Trinity-360 light components and your choice of any manufacturers LED’s, gives sign shops flexible fabrication and design solutions, that save time, lower inventory costs, are safer, and increase bottom line profits.