About Me

Curtis RoysWhy am I offering to assist the compressor operators with their divider block lubrication system problems?

I have over 40 years experience in the Troubleshooting, Design, Manufacturing, Testing, Installation, Patenting and Marketing of compressor divider block lubrication systems. Today I want to help all  compressor owner/operators by sharing my knowledge & expertise with anyone that is having issues with phantom shutdowns, premature wear of compressor components & excessive oil consumption. 


Several years ago I began working on new technology or ideas to possibly patent unique products in the industry. Many times I found my biggest challenge was to find a person or attorney that I could openly discuss my ideas and not give away my ideas. I found plenty of companies and people that would listen to me, but none of them could guide me in a direction to design, prototype, test, file for a patent and market my ideas.

Given this, I want to help entrepreneurs find the correct path to protect their ideas and follow their dream to fruition.

What are my qualifications for these services?

  1. I have over 40 years of real time, onsite experience with compressor divider block lubrication systems.

  2. I have been granted over 28 US patents and developed not only products for the divider block system, but also for the automotive industry and residential/commercial electrical devices. Our latest introduction for new technology is components to retrofit fluorescent lighting with LED components, a new LED light bulb design and binary electrical wall receptacle. (see patents page)

As with anyone you decide to work with, you need to have a level of confidence before you begin a business relationship. I would invite you to explore products I have developed and introduced to different areas, then give me an opportunity to help you and your company. Knowing there is a higher power, I give thanks to God for His blessings and my ability.